Sunday, April 22, 2012

Closing the books on 2011

Since I haven't updated blog, I figured summarizing the last 8-10 months would better than nothing.

Brakes: After bleeding the brakes 3 different ways, I was ready to rebuild or replace the master cylinder. On a hunch I putting a stopper on the brake pedal; re-bled the brakes and WA-la, working brakes. Now I need to take a look at a 97 YJ's brakes and to find out the "why".

Windshield upgrade: when I left off in April I had just finished dry fit of the windshield. It took me a week of "after work" garage sessions, but I finished all the body work and paint on my cheap Chinese windshield. All that was left was the glass so I did a little bit of research and ordered the glass(Jeep Glass)and gave it a try. Now from what I read you put the seal on the glass; work twine around the outside the seal, set the glass on the frame and pull the seal through the frame. what I did was put the seal in the frame and worked the glass in with body filler spreaders... not the best technique, but it worked.

New carburetor/intake manifold: So for the last year I've been looking for a better fuel delivery system for my Jeep. Now the two barrel Rochester has worked OK, but I need a new intake manifold and a new carburetor/rebuilt. I have a brand new four barrel intake, but no Carb. Now most everyone will tell you fuel injection is the way to go, but to do it cheap would be well above my skill level so for now I'm going with a Carb. I looked over may options and Holley seemed the best choice for me and after a few months of Ebay searches I found a cheap used Holley 390CFM 4160. After tearing down the carb I found the base plate had been MacGyvered(welded broken tab) so I ended up calling Holley and ordered a replacement. So a new Holley 4160 with off-road seats would have put me back around 400 bucks, my used Holley ($50), New Base Plate ($90)Off-road and rebuild kit ($30). So now I'm gathering a new gas pedal/linkage cables and mounts. 

Coming Sooncurrently I'm working on putting liner down in the tub, beefing up the roll cage and installing a hood lock.