Saturday, September 11, 2010

So much for posting a week later...

Well I guess the blog got put on the side burner for a bit. Hmmm... So where did I leave off, that's right I had finished the tire carrier structure and was running into some new issues.

First issue, poor tail light placement.

Awhile back I bought some newer style tail lights so I would have a backup light and just installed them where the old stock lights went. So I primed and installed the tire carrier then I put the lights in and... yep they would hit when opened. So I opted to go with LED type tail lights, I really couldn't get into an Early CJ with square tail lights.

Second issue, poor placement of the Gas Filler.

When I installed my rear gas tank, I just placed the filler out the back over the tail lights... Now this would have still worked, but it looked funky. So I visited Ebay, purchased a new filler (my old one was chrome plated plastic)and moved the filler over to the passenger side of the Jeep. After all that I took it all apart cleaned up the body work and primed it. It was a ton of work but I'm happy with the end product.

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